Equipment Request

MARS equipment is available to users both within and external to UConn. If you would like assisted use of any of our equipment, please come talk to us before filling out this request form to work out a time where the machine is free and we are available to help. Users can be trained to use an instrument independently, contact us for training information on any of the equipment. See the Rates page for both assisted and unassisted machine use.

Fill out this form to request time on MARS equipment. You will need to fill out one form for each piece of equipment you need and the times you need them (i.e. if you are going to use the robot to set up a PCR then run it in the 384-well thermocycler, fill out one form for the epMotion at 10AM and one form for the thermocycler at 10:30). This calendar does not automatically update when you submit a request. We will get the same email confirming your request as you do and will add your time to the calendar. Only resubmit your request if you don’t get the email within an hour. See BBC Equipment Use Guidelines for general access rules.

For safety reasons and so we can assist you if you have questions using the equipment, we prefer that you utilize MARS equipment during regular business hours. But we can accommodate requests for after hours access if necessary for users that are thoroughly self sufficient. If you are planning an experiment that requires after hours access, please fill out this form at least one day in advance.

MARS Reagent/Consumables Request procedure
The MARS facility is often able to sell aliquots of the reagents and consumables that we commonly use. If you intend to utilize the MARS facility equipment independently and wish to avoid bringing all of your own reagents/consumables, please contact Kendra at least one business day in advance regarding current facility stock (requested items in stock will be put aside in the fridge/freezer and/or boxed for independent users). If you have a true emergency, come talk to us and we will do our best to help.

There are a lot of calendars being displayed here (each instrument gets it’s own calendar). If you want to simplify it, click the down arrow on the top right and select only the machines you want to see.