Sample Submission

If you haven’t filled out the Project submission, please do that first. Download the Sample_submission, fill in information for your samples (below the very large header explaining each field), then upload. Please check your typing and make sure that your ProjectID in the form and Sample submission spreadsheet match exactly the ProjectID that you created on the project submission form.

As of September 2016, you can not use period in the sample name. Illumia has changed their software so periods in the sample name cause the demultiplexing to fail. I agree “.” makes a wonderful deliminator and I liked using them in sample names but we can’t any longer. Since many programs that people use all have different reserved deliminators, MARS will only accept sample names that are alphanumeric.

If you are submitting DNA, we don’t have a hard cutoff for quantity or quality of DNA but be aware the very dilute or impure DNA could lead to difficulty amplifying and/or biased community recovered. If you submit DNA, we recommend at least 50ng in 20ul water/tris/TE. Please arrange your samples in columns starting with A1 (top left well).

Turn around time for our services is dependent on type of service and the number of samples that you submit If you submit full runs of samples (95 samples) for amplicon sequencing as extracted DNA, expected processing time is 4 weeks. Full runs of samples for extraction and sequencing, approximately 8 weeks. Our prices are based on multiplexing many samples on each run, therefore if you submit only a few samples they must wait to be processed till the run is filled (this delay is greatest for samples for DNA extraction). Please contact us for current turn around time estimates.

If you are shipping samples to us, consult our how to ship and/or contact us for guidance on how to pack your samples.