Project Submission

This form only needs to be filled out once for each project.  If you are adding samples to an existing project go to Sample Submission. If you think that you would like us to help you analyze a batch of samples that will be submitted over time, submit them all as the same project.  Imagine a situation where you’d come to me and say: “Let’s analyze all my data all together”; the ProjectID is how I will be be able to find all your data. If you eventually find yourself wanting MARS to process samples from multiple projects together, you will have to fill out the data analysis request. Reprocessing multiple projects together will likely incur an additional fee.

If you are shipping samples to us, please consult our shipping guide and/or contact us with any shipping questions.


  • Short name for the project, subsequent samples on the same project should use the same ProjectID. Alphanumeric only.
  • Please provide, this helps MARS track our impact on the research community.