We at MARS are excited to participate in this year’s UConn BioBlitz. All the big biologists will be identifying samples that are collected from 5PM July 24 to 4PM July 25, however we microbial ecologist can’t identify species quite that quickly. We collected sample from the HEEP June 24th and have been racing to extract DNA, PCR amplify part of the ribosomal gene (our favorite taxonomic marker), sequence those amplicons, cluster them into operational taxonomic groups (species level groups), and find patterns in the bacterial communities.

MARS participated in 2 BioBlitz’s in 2016. You can click through the taxonomic overview of the samples in this Kronos plot. This is a big file, so be patient it may take a minute or so to load. More analyses and information on each sample will be posted soon!

Poster Kendra presented at ESA 2017 about the 2016 Bioblitz data.

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